Where to Train with Calisthenics?

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July 13, 2016

I am having a throwback from the beginning of my outdoor bodyweight training where I remember that I had no money to pay for a gym membership so that’s how I ended up doing calisthenics throughout the city.

I didn’t know back then that I was going to fall in love with this sport, nevertheless to promote its benefits at such a scale that I do today through Old School Calisthenic. Well, I am glad for it happened this way and today’s article is about the advantages this beautiful sport can bring in your life as well.

One of the main advantage calisthenics brings is that you can always train everywhere around you. You can use the environment as your own gym as long as you get creative enough and have the experience to know what you’re doing and for what are you training for. But, working outside as a novice can bring out a certain level of discomfort as I remember when I first started just how uncomfortable I felt working out in front of other people.

I didn’t want to make myself look stupid if I failed to do something cool. I was afraid of making myself a laughing stock. Slowly I realized that people didn’t stare at me because of that, they were just curious about my workouts because calisthenics is not so common in my country, although I didn’t do any flashy feats.

If that is your case too, then you should not concern yourself with other’s opinions though. Focus on what you are doing instead of thinking what other’s might be thinking about you. As a matter of fact, calisthenics is best performed in unconventional places, where people are present. Just think of them as spectators who are there to cheer you. You will find that you begin to perform better when others are looking at you. Use this as motivation to boost a couple of more repetitions, as a stepping stone and your fears will vanish in thin air before long.

Calisthenics is by definition bodyweight training. This means that your own body becomes your gym, hence you don’t have to seek nice places where to train, because absolutely everything that surrounds can be used as a tool to train efficiently. Watch my video below and observe the conditions where I did my workout. It was an abandoned building where nobody passes ever, full of rusty metal and surrounded by darkness and coldness. Did that stop me from finishing my routine? Of course not.

Here are ones of the best tips I could ever give you:

  1. Always seek the full side of the glass. Don’t rush into judging the place as being wrong because of X reasons. Instead, try to focus and see how many opportunities that place might bring. I personally saw the stairs as a great tool to train my legs.
  2. Never mind about the weather conditions. It was very cold, but I didn’t care at all, because I had a purpose.

Advantages Calisthenics Brings

  • It requires almost no equipment
  • You don’t need a special playground
  • The only equipment you might need is a pull-up bar and maybe a pair of fixed parallel bars
  • It can be done at the gym
  • It is never closed as doing a workout usually requires a few feets of empty floor. You have that at home
  • It is almost entirely free
  • It makes you mentally tougher.

Negative Aspects of Calisthenics

  • It might be rainy when performed outside
  • You will have to endure climate conditions. During winter it will be freezing and during summer you will be burned by sun and heat
  • When training in cold weather is harder to get a proper warm-up
  • The body is not that elastic and flexible during winters as it is during summers
  • You will have to be well dressed, in layers, if you catch a rainy or cold day
  • Sometimes you will have to get used with training in darkness.

I personally never cared about the negative aspects that much. I did endure a lot of freezes and even trained in storms. But I somehow enjoyed it because I knew that very few people are mentally strong enough to endure this kind of weather conditions.

It Requires Almost NO Equipment!

In calisthenics, we mostly perform pushups, pull-ups, handstands, dips, squats, sprints, jumps. To perform all these exercises, you don’t need much equipment. Many of them can be done at home.

All you need is just an empty floor space and if you don’t have some then my friend you have some bigger problems to take care of instead of thinking about getting a great body. Pushups, squats, burpees, sprints, jumps can be done anywhere on a firm flat surface. For other exercises, you will need some equipment which is readily available all around us.

You will need an overhead bar to do pullups, leg raises, dips. If you can’t find a bar then a tree branch, an empty doorway, rafters in the roof, or even a rope stretched around two poles will be a good substitute. And if you look carefully than you might find hundreds of such places scattered all around your neighborhood where you can do your pull-ups.

street fitness and creative pullups

For handstand, a plain solid wall will work just fine. You will need some parallel bars for doing dips. If you can’t find parallel bars then a couple of some sturdy chairs, wooden crates etc. will fit the bill.

Maybe you live in a place where the city provides some nice parks with a basic street fitness infrastructure. Then, my friend, I think you got lucky. Go and train there!

unconventional places for workouts

For several years I trained into conditions such as these above. I never complained because I wanted to get results so bad that it didn’t matter how and where I did it. Now I live at a home that has a yard. I built my own calisthenics gym there:

home gym

Calisthenics can also be done at any gym. Find the place that inspires you the most and train there.

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Weather Conditions

I was often put in the situation of dealing with the weather. I bought some waterproof jacket to defend myself of storms. For winters I am prepared with gloves and some layers that I gradually remove as I get more warmed-up from working out.

The best advantage that freezing period brings is that it will toughen you physically and mentally. I became more endurable to ill and cold. But I also became more ignorant regarding temperatures.

During my first year of training outside it was pretty challenging, because I had a very self-pity attitude. I felt sorry for myself because I was put in a situation where I had to endure extreme temperatures. I felt that I couldn’t boost a nice workout because of that.

training outside during winter

To be honest with you, that comes from maturity as nowadays I train at -10 C and never even think it is bad. I now really enjoy it a lot! In a single year, you will only get two pleasant seasons for outdoor training – Spring and Autumn. But please, do not stop training when the weather gets rough. Continue training outside and if that is really impossible then go and buy a gym membership.

Calisthenics is not just about physical training, it’s also about mental toughness. You need to develop the never say die attitude. It’s cold outside – wear some extra layers and kill your workout. It’s too hot outside – train early in the morning and late in the evening. Excuses will always be there. You need to rise above the obstacles if you need to achieve something great.

If your goal is mastery of calisthenics, then nothing can stop you. The beauty of calisthenics lies in the fact that it’s practically impossible to find a place where you can’t train! Be it your house, your office, your park, your street, your gym, your backyard, be it anywhere, you will always find something to hang from, something to jump upon, something to climb on, the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Therefore, you can observe that is nothing fancy about the places I choose to train on. I don’t even wear any expensive clothes. Everything that fits and makes you feel comfortable enough will do, as long they allow you to be flexible.

Calisthenics can be done entirely for free if wanted. Though, if you afford it, then you can buy some very cheap equipment to help you train better, like:

  • A jumping rope. It usually cost 5-10$
  • Elastic rubber bands. One piece will cost around 10$ and can be used to increase the difficulty of certain exercises to decrease difficulty if you are a beginner. They are also good for stretching
  • Suspended training stripes. I both a pair with less than 20$. I use it to work my core, biceps, shoulders, pecs and even for stretching
  • Gymnastic rings. They cost around 20-30$ and it can be a good replacement for a pull-up bar as well as parallel bars. Pull-ups and dips can be done easily on rings
  • Paralletes of 30 cm height. I paid around 20$ for them and I use them to train my incline pushups. They can also allow you a deeper range of motion when doing pushups
  • Training a sponge mattress. It cost 5$ and I use it to do abs workouts on the ground
  • Weighted Vest. I bought a 10 kilos vest to do weighted calisthenics
  • Ab wheel. Price: 10$
  • Gardening gloves. Price: 3$.

This is almost all the gear I own so far, after several years of training with this sport. The rest represents that home gym I built which cost roughly 250-300$ and some weights that I got for free from a good friend.

So, let it be sun, cold or rainy, you will find me training outside with a smile on my face. Why? I really like and I think that one of the reasons why I am successful is because I don’t mind when things go bad.

I don’t mind when it rains as I don’t mind when outside is a temperature of +30 C.

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