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Vladislavs Zabarovskis


Two years ago, in 2015, at the age of 36 and after 20 years passing over 2 marriages, having 3 kids, drinking alcohol and smoking a lot I managed to get fat, up to 130 kg. at a height of 192 cm.

I decided to change something although for me was really hard working on 3 shifts. Therefore, instead of quitting I started to do a lot of cardio training whenever I could among reading proper information about how should I do it the right way.

I firstly thought that this will be a long journey without a triumphantly ending. But, keeping myself disciplined with the workouts I managed to lose weight down to 96 kg. And even though I lost 34 kg. I still didn’t like the way I looked.

Then I started to go at a local gym that I didn’t like very much and being involved into 12 hours of working per day, helping kids at home, I didn’t quiet have time to train properly. Then, I decided to try calisthenics as well and after a quick research I found on YouTube Hannibal for King, Adam Raw and some others. I tried their simple workouts and I liked it.

My diet was on point and all I needed was just a good workout programme for several days using various exercises. Then, I found Convict Conditioning books and its own Facebook Community where I also met Adorian and his website.

After this, I started to search for Adorian’s training programme. I discovered his FREE Calisthenics Program for Beginners and for the next 6-7 months it kept me very busy. I finally got a system that works and explanations on how and what to do.

I never dreamed about a fitness model physique or something but I managed to reach a good level of fitness and appeal only by dieting right and training consistently.

Now I train 5 days a week from which 2 workouts are for cardio. I weight 94 kg. and I changed my workouts again based on the same principles Adorian put into another program, a lot harder one though.

I’ll continue training by his new book to achieve a new level.


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