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Jerric Cerda

United States

I discovered calisthenics at the age of 12. It was one of the greatest things to happen to me, I definitely noticed myself getting stronger.

Unfortunately, there was was still an issue. I was skinny. The more modern approach to calisthenics was to always do the minimal amount of work required. It worked great for strength but it just wasn’t right for me, I needed something different.

That’s when I started researching everything I could about high volume training. I started applying these principals to my own routines, ditching the old minimalist training style. My endurance and size shot up. And my strength didn’t lessen because of it, it increased. Now I do everything I can to get this information out to as many people as I can, it may save someone, just like it saved me.

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Pullups for Muscle Gain

Do More Pull-Ups for Muscle Gain

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hypertrophy with calisthenics

How to Train for Hypertrophy with Calisthenics

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