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Horia Ontiu


Hi! My name is Horia. I’ m 21 years old and I’m a student. I’ve started to practice calisthenic 2 years ago. I wanted to try something new and different than joining a regular gym to lift weights. I’ve started to train outside regardless the meteo conditions and temperatures doing the Adorian’s way: 5 workouts per week and for almost 1 hour of continuous training per each session.

Every time I train, I like it to push myself to the limits and train up until muscle failure till I remain without powers to workout no more. It was tough at the beginning, but I knew that everything starts harder and I must be patient till it becomes easier. I didn’t enjoy training so much in the first place, but after a while I started to like more.

I felt stronger and stronger at every workout, the number of repetitions increased and the results started to appear. My form and execution cleaned themselves a lot and I began to master the basics. The new ability of training at a higher rep range reshaped my body after all.

You must fall in love with the process and the results will come as it happened to me. The atitudine is the key here! In these 2 years, at the beginning of my calisthenics journey I also met Adorian who was in love with bodyweight training. He was a model for me and I started to follow him and his training principles. I asked for advice and I received everything I needed. I consider that is important to have a model in life which we can follow and learn from. In my opinion, all you need to start a successful transformation training with calisthenics is will power, ambition and a model. Your life starts exactly where your comfort zone ends. I now feel much better in my new body, healthier and I trust myself even more in absolutely everything I do, and all since I started calisthenics and achieved results.

Bodyweight training made me self-disciplined and it taught me to appreciate the time more than before because every minute of training is benefic to my development.

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