Are You Skinny-Fat? Do These and You’ll Get Fit

Hi! I am the author and founder of Old School Calisthenic

February 26, 2019

In theory, it is not that complicated to remove belly fat. But that doesn’t mean it is easy either. However, by staying consistent and adjusting a few things in your training and diet, I bet you will be amazed by the results.

1. Localized weight loss does not exist

I had many skinny-fat people asking me whether they should do abs training to remove belly fat because the rest of the body is alright.

First of all, you cannot decide from where to cut fats. The organism will do that for you as a response to your physical activity and diet. However, training is crucial, but only doing sit-ups and leg raises will never help your cause.

Secondly, the weight loss process is very complex in its essence. It is also related to hormone levels and how rapidly or efficiently the metabolism works. That is why doing some adjustments in your diet will make the difference.

Focus on workouts that will engage the entire body like full-body routines. Try to emphasize the legs as much as possible, because they are the biggest muscle group in your body. By insisting on them, you will notice how progressive it can be compared to many other options.

You can run or jump on stairs, do burpees, jogging and sprints. Go hiking and do squat variations. Even weighted squats are great -strength exercises burn calories too depending on the pause, intensity and even how the rest of your training log looks. You can combine all these with core and upper-body exercises like planks, sit-ups, pull-ups, and pushups. Do them in a circuit style training, one after another and you will see the results for yourself.

2. Don’t bulk!

I’ve seen so many rushing into strength training to bulk themselves up. It’s not necessarily wrong but there is also a great chance that the belly fat will still be there, if not even bigger. It is extremely hard and takes a lot of time to build on lean muscle mass. Usually, mass comes with fat too.

The best method, in my opinion, is to continue to reduce weight even if you are skinny overall. I agree that at the end, you will look like a kid and apparently lose the manly looks. But you will be able to see abs and even be able to build solid, lean mass easier.

You heard it, you can’t remove fat locally. You can only continue to reduce weight until you have your belly completely flat.

You do that by being on a calorie deficit a bit and by burning them
through training. You know that already!

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3. Practice sports

If fitness or calisthenics does not suit you, then go practice sports. I recommend you to swim, play football, basketball etc. You have options.

4. Best practices

The best way to burn calories more efficiently is to keep training for longer. If I do a full body workout, then I have to choose exercises of medium and low intensity.

I like to vary a lot, but I am paying attention to how my body reacts too. If my heart rate is way too high, then I have to slow it down a bit. For instance, doing burpees in combination with sprints and pull-ups will be extremely taxing not only for the muscles but also for the heart and lungs.

You will need a lot more oxygen to perform and recover, and the heart
rate will definitely go higher than 160 bpm. You can’t hold on that for too long, right?

I do exercises of very high intensity as I said above but for short intervals. Then I slow it down and do easy exercises like jogging, or planks to let my heart rate drop a bit before I hit the rough exercises again.

The organism will not use stored fat as fuel soon after you start exercising. It will use the energy coming from what you ate. This is one of the reasons why I tell you to train for longer because, at some point, your body will make the switch and start using fats as energy.

That will be the moment when you already feel tired and breathe hard. It depends on each individual, but usually, you may start to burn fats after 20-30 minutes of continuous training. Hence, my purpose is to train for at least 1 hour and this is including the short breaks between sets for recovering. My average heart rate for when I train a full hour is for about 130-150 bpm.

My best recommendation for you is to combine anaerobic training (strength workouts) with aerobic ones (cardio, like running, jumping rope, swimming etc.). Do 3-4 cardio sessions a week and let some room for another 1-2 strength routines.

Frequency is key to success, and the more you train, the faster the results. Also, by changing your training method on a consistent basis, it will allow your muscles and tendons to recover. I tend to swim on some days, then to run long distances. Afterward, I do some calisthenics strength sessions too.

5. Clean up your diet

You will have to remove from your diet things such as junk food, sweetened beverages, sweets, or everything else that is over processed.

Reduce just a bit the carbs and fats intake. Do it for each meal, compared to how you would usually eat, just less. In this way, you will never have to count any calories.

Focus more on low-GI carbohydrates. It takes longer for the organism to break them down and you know that this process is also calorie-consuming. Besides that, you will benefit from more nutrients and avoid a food-coma too, as opposed to high-GI carbs.

Low-GI carbs will provide you with energy over longer periods of time and help you feel fuller. If you decrease the amount of carbs then you can maybe increase the protein intake. Also because it requires more calories to break down the protein, it’s a very long process and after all, protein provides energy as well. Is just that the organism doesn’t prefer them so much for that purpose as it does for carbs.

Try to cook foods with better methods like steaming, boiling etc. The oil that is used for cooking is highly caloric and for this reason, you should decrease it when possible.

Follow these tips and I don’t see why you shouldn’t remove that belly fat once and for all. Thanks for reading and a share is appreciated.


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