calisthenics beginner program

Calisthenics Program for Beginners

Are You Struggling with Pull-ups, Dips, Squats & Pushups?

** or if you can’t do them at all then you should download this**

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calisthenics program

Want to Build a Muscular Physique using Calisthenics?

** our intermediate level programme, High-Volume Calisthenics Workouts will help you forge one**

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with Nutrition and Bodyweight Exercises

Lose Weight and Get in Shape following a Balanced Diet and Training Regimen

** our fatloss eBook, Fresh Ideas for Losing Weight with Calisthenics & Nutrition**

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"The Old School Calisthenics Program is exactly what a solid calisthenics and fitness plan should be. It's simple, but not easy, complete but not full of exercises and gimmicks you don't need. It will certainly be a worthwhile investment!"

Matt Schifferle - creator of Red Delta Projectauthor of FITNESS INDEPENDENCE

As a nutritionist and sports nutritionist, I think that the nutrition programme that Old School Calisthenics team is proposing is very easy to understand and very practical. As you will see is based on scientific nutrition knowledge, no magic diets or supplements so it’s the healthiest way to achieve your body weight and composition goals and also athletic performance. From my point of view, theory is something that a lot of us know, but it’s important to practice what you preach and that’s exactly what these guys from Old School Calisthenics are doing. You will find good advice in their nutritional programme, but you are the final responsible to put all that knowledge into practice.

Nicoleta TupitaCertified Nutritionist, Specialized in Sports Nutrition

Calisthenics is best described as an art form utilizing your bodyweight for training. The beauty of calisthenics lies in the fact that you need not rely on external sources to train your body, your body itself becomes your gym. It is in essence bodyweight training.

calisthenics workouts

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