Are You a Seasonal Athlete or an All Year Round Athlete?

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March 29, 2019

A difficult moment to get over is when you just feel you can’t pull another workout anymore in the darkness and the coldness of the rough winter. The only thing getting you through this being the thought that it is just about time for spring to pop up and tell you that change is coming. This for me makes the difference between staying on the right path with my exercise or quitting altogether.

However, the next obstacle to pass are the effects of what is called spring asthenia. I personally feel it every time because of the changes in air pressure, humidity, temperature etc (it affects performance). That has a huge impact on my overall state of mind and for more than 1 week (this March for instance), I tried to adapt and train just enough to keep my muscles tense, but that’s it, till these bad feelings go away.

Luckily spring asthenia happens right before the truly great period of the year when daylight is expanding and the temperatures make it perfect for any kind of outdoor training. And then when I think I lose my will to train, here I am gaining new strength and will power to push through this season too. Why not after all? Now is the time to stay outside for as long as possible, compared to the winter season when walking to my calisthenics playground, I have only one thing in my mind which is to have a very intense and quick warm-up followed by a workout that has to be short and intense as well. When conditions are like this there is no time to waste as you can catch a cold very easily. Besides, a short workout makes me focus on what I have to do better rather than obsessing on something that might compromise my training session.

You see guys, training outdoor all year around is pretty challenging and more so for those living in a 4 seasons climate. It is a continuous adaptation and struggle, and believe me, the performance is affected by weather because it affects the state of mind.

I can recall many workouts I have done simply because deep down I knew the purpose of my daily exercising. I don’t lose it even when I step outside and all I see is frost, snow, and darkness. And that is the bridge between me and my goals. And this makes the difference between an athlete who trains throughout the whole year and one who waits for the perfect weather to come up. It’s like saying that if I feel right, I exercise and if I don’t, then just forget about the new year resolution. Which in my opinion, is stupid.

This is how I manage to keep myself in shape for the whole year. Starting with November and until March, there are 4 months during which time, with hard work, a lot of improvements can be made to a new and better version of yourself.

Guess who was training outdoors this winter?

Don’t Be a Seasonal Athlete

During these 4 rough months, anytime I go on the running track there is almost nobody there besides the ones who respect the same recipe as I do. And this extends further as during the July and August periods even fewer people choose to train outdoors, because on the opposite side now it’s too damn hot.

Where is the adaptation that makes us better and more tolerable to sickness if each time we avoid exercising except when it’s perfect? Then it’s no wonder that results aren’t coming as expected.

However, once April is here, the athletic field is full of “hard-working people”. Many of them are not new to fitness as they go to the gym with regularity. And yet, here they are, apparently strong and bulky, but poorly trained. They can lift barbels but cannot run properly or do any pull-ups or pushups correctly. I always wondered how is this possible because I personally know some of them and they have been going to the gym for several years now. Either way, they come and train outdoors because it’s nice and convenient and without knowing the mechanics and fundamental principles about bodyweight fitness culture.

The fact that you are reading this article tells me that you are not that kind of person and that you wish to learn to be a better athlete. One that doesn’t only know how to lift and work on machines. It is totally fine to be a novice and for this reason, I attach the following video, to help you out with your pull-ups and pushups so you can run and do basic bodyweight training in the proper way.

Some of these guys I mentioned have come to train with me. They had apparently a pretty well-developed body. At first glance, you might take them as good athletes. I knew that they are unable to do a single correct pull-up, more than 10 correct bodyweight dips on parallel bars, squats (they lift the heel off the ground or just bend ugly) and even God damn pushups. However, they were in the gym for the entire rough season. Actually, they are doing gym fitness for several years now. This is entirely strange, honestly.

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Be An All Year Round Athlete

If I am to go to a gym right now I could lift weights and perform on machines in a way that even the most prolific lifter there would be amazed by my abilities. And this without anyone telling me anything and even without watching any YouTube videos to learn the execution, form etc. Why? Because I focused on functional training, proper execution, I let my mind be creative and because I was working hard on the mind-muscle connection, I am able now to expand into any sport and still perform greatly.

When I say to people that by doing outdoor bodyweight training they will get very creative overall, they don’t practically know what I am talking about. But this is an example of converting bodyweight physical culture to another fitness culture like lifting in a gym.

Every time I step outside, in a new location and environment, I have to come up with something to train for. By being limited and only gym-wise, you will probably end up not knowing what else to do and the only effective workout for you will then remain to what’s inside of a gym. I’m not like that, nor are my friends who train with me.

My invitation from me is to expand your knowledge and integrate as much outdoor calisthenics sessions as possible. Stick with it even when the climate isn’t merciful. This is the exact moment when you’ll turn into an unstoppable athlete. I am not against lifting in a gym, but I am making fun of those who spend years in one and can’t do any correct pull-ups or bodyweight squats.

Thank you for reading and please share if it’s not too much to ask of you.


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