Losing Weight and Getting Into Good Shape is Really Easy

You need nothing more than what’s included in my program for FAT LOSS WITH NUTRITION AND BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES and you should be expecting only practical information at all times, that are proven to work efficiently in the long run.

  • Lose Weight Gradually and Without Frustrations
  • A Diet Easy to Sustain on the Long Run
  • Use Different Training Approaches
  • Build a Good Fitness Level
  • Master Your Own Bodyweight
  • Lose 11 Pounds a Month
  • No Strict Diet Included
  • Results in Less than 1 Month

ONLY $69

The program is available in PDF format

with Nutrition and Bodyweight Exercises

ONLY $69

The program is available in PDF format

Your Bodyweight is All You Need to Get in Shape

It is a proven fact that anybody can run or do calisthenics and it is most satisfying to be able to test your fitness level and watch it grow with every effort that you put into it.

Hi, I am Adorian Moldovan and when I was 9 I was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis. The doctor said that swimming could be the last thing we could try to complete my recovery. He was right! In no longer than 1 year, I managed to fully recover, and my lungs allowed me to become a professional swimmer. From here I had several ups and downs but this is the AHA Moment I always get back to for motivation.

My whole experience helped me understand how to deal with life when it gets difficult, and how to do it to become healthy and strong. We aren’t supposed to be fat and feel horrible. I took this very seriously and worked on personal development every day.

Aerobic Training Plan and Calisthenics for Getting Fit

with Nutrition and Bodyweight Exercises

Everything Starts with Great Food

With just a few hints put together in an attainable nutritional program, you have all you need to lose weight in a sustainable manner and enjoy appropriate eating habits for a lifetime.

Learn HOW TO:

  • Clean up your nutrition
  • Smartly replace certain groceries that don’t belong in your diet anymore
  • Order food from restaurants according to your fitness goals
  • Buy foods based on the required nutrients and learn how to read their nutritional labels
  • Distinguish what type of calories are good or not 

Lose Weight while Eating What You Love

with Nutrition and Bodyweight Exercises
fatloss program before fatloss program results
fatloss program and calisthenics results with fatloss program

It Requires 0 Fitness Level!

The program was created for all overweight persons, regardless of their fitness level, gender, or age. If you are unable to run, jog or do any bodyweight workout, if you’re skinny-fat or very fat, then this program is for you. I don’t care how much you have been involved in sports or fitness activities so far; this program starts from absolute 0.

You Can Do It!

As a nutritionist and sports nutritionist, I think that the nutrition programme that Old School Calisthenics team is proposing is very easy to understand and very practical. As you will see is based on scientific nutrition knowledge, no magic diets or supplements so it’s the healthiest way to achieve your body weight and composition goals and also athletic performance. From my point of view, theory is something that a lot of us know, but it’s important to practice what you preach and that’s exactly what these guys from Old School Calisthenics are doing. You will find good advice in their nutritional programme, but you are the final responsible to put all that knowledge into practice.

Nicoleta TupitaCertified Nutritionist, Specialized in Sports Nutrition

I started to search for Adorian’s training programme ... and for the next 6-7 months it kept me very busy. I finally got a system that works and explanations on how and what to do. I never dreamed about a fitness model physique or something but I managed to reach a good level of fitness and appeal only by dieting right and training consistently. Now I train 5 days a week from which 2 workouts are for cardio. I weight 94 kg. and I changed my workouts again based on the same principles Adorian put into another program, a lot harder one though. I’ll continue training by his new book to achieve a new level.

Vladislavs ZabarovskisHe Trained following Old School Calisthenic!

* Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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