Do This if You’re Depressed

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February 5, 2019

I bet you heard that action promotes youth and while a lot of downers will read psychology and personal development to feel better or improve themselves, I think I found a better and more practical way, one that will require only a bit of physical activity, but nothing related to calisthenics, gym or weight lifting whatsoever.

Therefore, I would like to share with you how I’ve personally gotten over these moments because like so many others, I do have negative thoughts sometimes. I consider that normal in life and I know how to deal with it.

Take some action!

When you feel down, depressed, lonely or unproductive/procrastinating then just put your mind to work. However, the whole problem with it, is that it doesn’t come easy.

Let’s just say you work at something, really focused for a period, trying to get past your negative thoughts but somehow they track you down pretty fast and mess up your entire mood again. It isn’t working as expected, I know that.

So instead of watching useless motivational videos, reading personal development books, taking personality tests, talking to psychologists, or work on something that will only keep you focused for a while, just go outdoors and move your body. What do I mean by that?

Training isn’t working as expected neither in many situations! So I am not talking about working out.

I am referring to a whole different way of moving, one that releases you entirely. I am talking here about getting in touch with mother nature.

Do you have a beach, a forest, a mountain, a hill, or somewhere you can hike on? Not a motorcycle, or a fast car. Not that riding bikes can’t solve the issue necessarily, but that doesn’t involve moving your body at all.

This kind of activity will not require a high degree of athleticism. Anyone can do it, even if you are overweight. Take your thoughts and maybe take a friend whose company you enjoy, and go take a long walk.

Nature will absorb all of your negativity and will replace it with good energy. If you want to make sure that you will sleep well too, then try to challenge yourself and train there. You could do a jog on a forest trail up a mountain or hill for example.

While you are up there, let out your thoughts. Let the forest and the animals hear you. I could honestly call this a type of meditation. Do you know Freddie Mercury from Queen? In many of his songs, you can notice that he sings something that makes no sense. He just sings Di Do De De. You could scream Di Do De De or whatever you want that doesn’t make any sense to anyone, but it helps you get rid of your stress.

I also have plenty of moments when I feel alone or suffer in love. But that is called life after all. I’ve read a lot in the past about psychology and other such sciences, and I also tried these sorts of physical activities or meditation. If I am to pick, then I would go for a walk on a nearby mountain instead of lying in bed with a bestseller book in my hands telling me what I might be doing wrong.

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What does this have to do with calisthenics?

Absolutely nothing. But there are many who believe that fitness, in general, is the therapy for depression. On a certain level, fitness makes us feel better or maybe euphoric. However, it is not the answer to everything and if you live in a concrete jungle as I do, then my friend, you have to see how a forest looks like in reality. No joke, just ask yourself how often do you go out in nature and absorb that energy.

Whenever I have deep negative thoughts, I go hiking and I feel a lot better than I would do after doing pull-ups and squats. Training is part of my daily habit, as a method to strengthen my body and my mind. But that doesn’t mean that fitness builds a shield against any negative thoughts.

Something else I try often is to go swim until I am totally exhausted. It suits me well for this purpose. Another method is to run. But I prefer running in nature as I said above.

I hope that my article will help some of you and if you seek more information on how to hike, or if you consider making a workout out of it, then go read my next article.


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