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A One Year Calisthenics Transformation with Horea Gentea

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Hello old-school-calisthenics family and followers!

Today I am going to share an awesome piece of calisthenics transformation story sent to me by Horea Gentea.

I feel immense pleasure in sharing what this hardworking fellow has achieved in one year of dedicated calisthenics training and I cannot tell you how good it felt to know that we have been a source of inspiration to him. So without further delay let’s see what Horea Gentea has attained with one year of dedicated old school calisthenics training!

results after 1 year of calisthenics

“…it never gets easy. You always have to get past different obstacles towards achieving your goal…”

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Wisdom from 50 years of calisthenics: An interview with Mike Joplin

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Today I have got the privilege to publish an interview of Mike Joplin and I am glad to present it to you. When I started oldschool-calisthenic.ro I was contacted by Winner Nehra  to help us with our website and to learn from us. He then informed me about Mike Joplin who had already been interviewed by famous websites like skinnyfattransformation.com and homemademuscle.com. I quickly discovered that Mike and I share a lot of common training philosophies and I decided to interview him and the result is presented below.

Mike Joplin was born on the 26th of December, 1944. He was skinny from birth and remained skinny all the way through high school. He joined the US Navy in June of 1963. Being called skinny by beautiful women in Puerto Rico (his first duty station) was the ‘trigger’ that turned his desire and intent into passion. After twenty years of being called that way, he had enough and finally pushed himself into taking action. In about 12 months of doing bodyweight training only, he went from 155lbs/70kg to 200lbs/90kg! And he achieved success through trial and error and not from any readymade source!


“Imagine life as a musical melody. A melody has high notes and low notes. Without the low notes, there wouldn’t be a melody…” (Mike Joplin)
mike joplin - navy seal training calisthenics
The word “mindset” means: “the established set of attitudes held by someone.” (The American Heritage® Roget’s Thesaurus)

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Interview with the fit man over 40, WILL de LEON

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Hey friends,

I first came across Will de Leon several months ago in the Convict Conditioning community. On that Facebook group I started to post my philosophy about training and calisthenics. Will replied to me with a lot of enthusiasm and details. I observed immediately that we have some things in common such as training style, vision about calisthenics and of course the sport itself.

After a few months, when I finally launched my blog I proposed to him a written interview and he accepted. So, thanks to Will for accepting my request. I truly believe this article will motivate a lot of youngsters to start training and to stay dedicated to this path for their entire life.

Will de Leon

“I push hard all the time because it is the only way to break through plateaus as I have learned through experience” Will de Leon.

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