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Everything You Need to Know About this Program

Can I Build Muscles & Strength?

Definitely YES!

Contrary to popular belief, you can truly build strength and develop solid muscle definition to your fullest potential.

Just watch our YouTube Videos and SEE how strong and jacked we’ve become: click here

My name is Adorian and this is a Short Story about Myself:

I was a skinny guy, weighting around 72 kg. (158 lbs.) at 184 cm. Many people told me back then that calisthenics would never facilitate muscle growth.

I did not listen to them and few years later I proved myself that it’s possible. I added in a natural way, by training hard and eating properly, 18 kg. of mass. Now I weight around 90 kg. (199 lbs.)

You can do it too!

I even wrote a detailed article about training upon this principle:

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Does this Program Builds Muscular Legs?


Inside the Program you will find routines that we did and still do for muscular and strong legs (watch us here).

Some of them revolve around weighted calisthenics and others just use harder bodyweight exercises such as pistol squats or stair jumps. Besides that you will find combinations from rope skipping with burpees to sprints and hill sprints.

They will not only help you build strong legs, but you will also become more athletic and resistant.

How Strong Do I need to Be to Get Started?

Not Very Strong, but neither a total novice!

Can you do for a single set or two, maintaining a good form and range of motion, more than:

  • 10 strict pullups
  • 20 strict pushups
  • 14 dips
  • 30 squats?

If you can, then you are ready to START.

The only part remaining is to be able to run and sprint decently.

Benefits that this Calisthenics Program will bring to you

  • You can build lean muscle mass training everywhere you can find minimal equipment
  • You won’t have muscle imbalances because you will do compound exercises that work all your muscles
  • You will be able to advance in your workouts following the structure in the eBook
  • You won’t need to buy a gym membership and depend upon one
  • You will develop an athletic and attractive physique
  • You will improve your overall stamina
  • You will burn lots of calories and that will keep you lean
  • You will raise your testosterone levels

Do You Guarantee Fast Results?


If you will sensibly follow this program, then we can guarantee that you will notice real improvements in a matter of 3-4 MONTHS.


On which Exercises does this Program revolves?


  • revolves around the most compound, fundamental and basic bodyweight exercises possible.
  • includes some weighted calisthenics exercises, such as squats supporting a training partner on the shoulders.
  • does not include any advanced isometrically feat such as: levers or flags.
  • does not teach you freestyle. It will only teach you how to train using basic workouts.

If you are still confused if this method of training is getting you results, then you might read my detailed article:

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Congratulation for the new book, Adorian! I really love that finally, something different was published. All is applicable calisthenics and applicable rules, no theory over theory which you find in all Calisthenic books. I love that a lot of what you teach me is in this book, plus new routines which apply for everyone. I wish you success, plus a tone of books sold, my friend. I think you will make a lot of people happy with this book!

Andrei Popbodyweight athlete

I'd like to say thanks to the Old School Calisthenics team for their free beginners into calisthenics programme. It really has helped me a lot with improving in the sport. I started using it heavily around 8 months ago and my strength and stamina have increased. I also feel a lot more confident with the way that I look and I'm impressed by how much I have achieved in such a short space of time.

Some numbers for you. When I've started, I couldn't even do one pull up. Now I can do 60 with variations in terms of grip and top up the workout with 100 Australian pull ups as well. Push ups I can easily do 300-350 again with different variations.

The programme is very easy to follow, the links to the videos on YouTube are great and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into creating this free programme.

I'm already thinking of buying the team's new book. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Cristian Prunacalisthenics athlete

I absolutely love the Old School Calisthenic website. The name is perfect. And those guys look amazing!!! They are a credit to the world calisthenics community. I've saved their website to my Top 10 Favorites folder.
I found nothing in their website content that I disagree with, and that is unusual for me. They mention one thing that I really like, and that is “ don’t have to worry about muscle imbalances and aesthetics as calisthenics naturally maximizes your body’s natural potential...” What a profound truth!

Mike Joplinafter 50 years training with calisthenics

I was inspired by Adorian’s physique first time whet I met him. I was curious how he managed to build his body and after I followed his principles of training for a year, I had my best results in calisthenics. Everything that you will find in this book works to an inch and I strongly recommend you follow the workouts he put in it. This book will change your perspective on physical development.

Horea Genteacalisthenics athlete

When I first started training, I couldn’t do 1 full range pull up. I was hopeless. But I kept on trying to better myself and I didn’t give up. After one year of training with high volume workouts, I managed to do 100 pull ups in one hour. For me was like climbing on mountain Everest. I started as a beginner and now I am looking forward to my first muscle up. I was inspired to get to these results training with Horea Gentea and following the principles that you find in this book. It’s the perfect alternative to mainstream fitness myths.

Miron Maximafter starting the Old School way from 0 fitness level

* Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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