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Adorian Moldovan

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These Are My Results Training with Calisthenics!

Honestly, I began training outside using bodyweight exercises in absence of any money to purchase a membership at a local gym. This moment happened around 4 years ago, at the age of 22.

I was a skinny guy after I did run for more than several months, weighting around 72 kg at 184 cm. My plan from there was to put at least 10 kg. of solid beef using a pullup bar, a pair of parallel bars, an empty floor space and my own bodyweight as resistance for training.

Many people told me back then that calisthenics would never fulfill my goal and it’s basically useless. Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced me into calisthenics with a lot of specifics and I really felt in love with it. It didn’t quiet matter others opinions because I already pictured myself doing it for the rest of my life.

That certain moment was my turning point in life!

Now I’m happy to tell you that I did not only gain naturally those extra 10 kg., but I added some extra more and now I weight around 90 kg. having a bodyfat near to 10%.

I reached these results very difficult having a lot of hard time but in the end I proved it can be done! It is worth it and I believe you can do it too if you’ll respect the Old School Calisthenic Principles.


What is Calisthenics?

  • In the simplest terms calisthenics means functional bodyweight fitness training. It is about your control over your body.
  • Calisthenics doesn’t require any special equipment, and therefore is accessible to everyone. The exercises can be done anytime and anywhere. You can do it at home, at work, in the park or at the gym.

Is this FREE Beginner Calisthenics Program good for me?

Are You a Beginner? Then YES!

If you struggle with a couple of reps or you just simply can’t do:

  • 1 pullup
  • 1 pushup
  • 1 dip
  • 1 squat

Then this Program is definitely for YOU!

Do I Need to be Strong to START?

Not at all! It requires 0 Strength Level!

Follow this programme step by step and notice how strong you’ll become after 6-12 months.

Basically, starting from 0, you will be able to reach this level of strength:

  • 8-12 dips
  • 5-8 pullups
  • 20-30 squats
  • 15-20 pushups

What do I need to GET STARTED?

nothing else than:

  1.      A pull-up bar;
  2.      Parallel Bars to do DIPS;
  3.      A free empty floor;
  4.      A skipping rope;
  5.      A bottle of water and a maybe a pair of gloves.

Why should I start with Calisthenics over Weight Lifting?

We always thought that lifting weights has its own particularities and definitely helps you build impressive strength and muscles.

However, calisthenics on the other hand develops that good-looking, athletic and functional physique compared with some Hollywood actors you see in movies like Black Sails or Brad Pitt in Troy, Henry Cavill in Man of Steel and James Bond.

Are there some other BENEFITS training with Calisthenics?

  • you don’t need a gym membership or buy overpriced fitness equipment in order to train your body and get results.
  • you don’t need to add any weights to progress.
  • it’s safer for your joints and connective tissues in the long run.
  •  calisthenics strengthens your muscular tissues along with your connective tissue and as results provides protections and rehabilitation from injuries.
  • you do not need to worry about muscular imbalances as calisthenics promote optimal development of all the muscles of your body according to the natural ability of your body.
  • calisthenics actually creates aesthetically perfect bodies with symmetrical all around development.
  • calisthenics is cool and fun. Your friends and audience will be amazed if you’ll show them some advanced isometrically feats (levers, human flags etc.) or dynamic complexe moves (like muscle ups).
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I joined the Old School Calisthenic email list and I also downloaded their free PDF be brief...their FREE book is worth more than many books that I have paid a lot of money for...

Mike Joplinafter 50 years of calisthenics

I'd like to say thanks to the Old School Calisthenics team for their free beginners into calisthenics programme. It really has helped me a lot with improving in the sport. I started using it heavily around 8 months ago and my strength and stamina have increased. I also feel a lot more confident with the way that I look and I'm impressed by how much I have achieved in such a short space of time.

Some numbers for you. When I've started, I couldn't even do one pull up. Now I can do 60 with variations in terms of grip and top up the workout with 100 Australian pull ups as well. Push ups I can easily do 300-350 again with different variations.

The programme is very easy to follow, the links to the videos on YouTube are great and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into creating this free programme.

I'm already thinking of buying the team's new book. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Cristian Prunabeginner calisthenics athlete

Yep, I am loving the look of the pdf! Looking forward to starting it! I get 6 weeks off work in the summer so I know what I will be doing! Thanks!

Rick Shepley

This is the end of my first week on the free programme from Old School Calisthenic, and even others have noticed small changes in my physique. Old muscle has started to wake up and get working 😀 I love this training, and I have already been asked by at least three other guys at work about what i have been doing.

Simon Blackwell

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