Calisthenics transformation

Beginner Calisthenics is specifically designed for starters in bodyweight fitness.

It is dedicated to everyone (regardless of the age) who struggles or can’t do any pull-ups, pushups, dips or squats. I want to help you get from 0 to a fitness level where you can mater calisthenics with ease.

I began outdoor calisthenics at the age of 22 starting as a skinny guy, weighing around 158 lbs. The plan was to increase my muscle mass and get stronger with basic calisthenics only. I successfully added on over 20 pounds of mass in the following years, all natural. Besides that, I’ve become a hell lot stronger than ever before.

Now I can muscle-up and do a lot of advanced moves too. This eBook represents all my knowledge into basic bodyweight fitness. In order to get me where I am, I had to do a lot of mistakes and especially in the beginning period.

You don’t have to repeat my own mistakes. My program will give you a clear-cut action plan to put your on the right path directly.

Therefore, if you want to start increasing your strength and master the basic bodyweight exercises as I did, then you should get a copy!

What You Can Expect?

Progressive Calisthenics

If you can’t do any pull-up, pushup, dip or squat then you fit perfectly into my program. I designed the program for those who struggle with the basics of calisthenics.

This is a 0 starting program in progressive calisthenics.

Is This Progressive Calisthenics?

The whole program is based on progressive exercises. It’s easy to follow and it has a lot of explanations and videos towards YouTube to see the execution, form and the range of motion too.

My program teaches you how to correctly learn pull-ups or pushups and how to increase their numbers too.

Do You Offer Workout Structures?

Yes. The eBook comprehends all the workout structure neccessary for training and they are easy-to-follow

I joined the Old School Calisthenic email list and I also downloaded their PDF be brief...their book is worth more than many books that I have paid a lot of money for...

Mike Joplinafter 50 years of calisthenics

I'd like to say thanks to the Old School Calisthenics team for their beginners into calisthenics programme. It really has helped me a lot with improving in the sport. I started using it heavily around 8 months ago and my strength and stamina have increased. I also feel a lot more confident with the way that I look and I'm impressed by how much I have achieved in such a short space of time.

Some numbers for you. When I've started, I couldn't even do one pull up. Now I can do 60 with variations in terms of grip and top up the workout with 100 Australian pull ups as well. Push ups I can easily do 300-350 again with different variations.

The programme is very easy to follow, the links to the videos on YouTube are great and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into creating this free programme.

I'm already thinking of buying the team's new book. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Cristian Prunabeginner calisthenics athlete

Yep, I am loving the look of the pdf! Looking forward to starting it! I get 6 weeks off work in the summer so I know what I will be doing! Thanks!

Rick Shepley

This is the end of my first week on the free programme from Old School Calisthenic, and even others have noticed small changes in my physique. Old muscle has started to wake up and get working 😀 I love this training, and I have already been asked by at least three other guys at work about what i have been doing.

Simon Blackwell

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