Learn How to Train with Calisthenics as a Beginner (You Can Even Start in a Public Park)

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April 25, 2018

There are roughly 20 million people in Romania but only a small fraction, maybe a couple hundred, are involved with bodyweight training or calisthenics. Therefore, only a few people here actually understand the concepts of exercising using one’s own bodyweight as a resistance, let alone know the system of calisthenics, which is almost unheard of around here.

Small communities of ‘Calisthenics’ and ‘Street Workout’ in my country are struggling to promote this ‘culture’ to the best of their abilities, but with little success. The main reason why this happens is due to the non-existence of infrastructure like well-equipped outdoor public parks. In the past, I had played my part as an influencer and held a seminar in my hometown, on an athletic field with the purpose of spreading awareness and wisdom of how to eat and train properly to the community.

A few dozen people gathered to listen to what I had to offer about these interesting topics. They attended not only out of curiosity, but because they were already frequenting the field and wanted to get extra information from someone who is well experienced.calisthenics seminar and workshop in Romania

Besides all the lack of proper equipment this field still had some rusty bars where people could perform calisthenics. And, I used to train on them in their original condition, and during the course of many years, I only happened to see a few guys who really knew how to train using their own bodyweight. And, a couple of them asked me for advice because I was clearly more experienced than them.

And this prompted me to hold the aforementioned calisthenics workshop in the area. I wanted people to know how to do it and what mistakes to avoid because I was already a witness to the following things:

  • People were not using a full range of motion,
  • They were using very bad form,
  • I also noticed that they were unaware of the easier variations of a difficult exercise and preferred to cheat on form and momentum to be able to execute it,
  • They had no idea of why and what were they training for,
  • Following the above reason, they had no training plan, and no knowledge of programming of training and they were moving just for the sake of sport.

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This list is pretty long and therefore I only brought up the major points to light. All this was discussed in detail and now I am much more involved in spreading awareness about this ‘culture’ of ‘bodyweight training’ than ever before. Besides this, I also wanted to reach on the online platform and help people accomplish their goals.

I cannot do this by means other than offering free advice via articles and instructional videos. But there is more to it…

As I cannot always directly respond to people and especially newcomers into calisthenics, I have decided to design a program.

Therefore I have created a calisthenics program to fit into any beginner’s training requirements. My eBook helps people who are unable to do any pull-ups, pushups, dips, and squats. It basically teaches the basics of calisthenics and how to train to enhance one’s inherent strength and aesthetics.

This program is replete with videos and photos, chapters explaining everything in detail with proper reasons. In the end, you will find a lot of training workouts as well.

Get It From Here!

All the technical details are already present in the program, however, no article of mine can ever comprehend everything without being too long and complicated to understand.

Therefore, I advise you to go check it out if you want to have the proper know-how and a clear-cut action plan for the next time you go outdoors for bodyweight training.

My Introduction into Calisthenics

I began training in my early 20s and the reason was that I did not have money to afford a gym membership (I did everything outdoor). And as it turns out, it was a blessing in disguise for me. I also made the aforementioned mistakes, but I found out their solutions and went successfully from a body weight of 72 kilograms to around 90 kilograms in a span of a few years.

I accomplished it organically and in accordance with nature, exclusively doing outdoor training regardless of the weather throughout all the four seasons.

physiques built using calisthenics

You can read my article about why I prefer training outdoors: here!

I had no one to advise me and show me how to do it, but I still managed to attain my goals because I was constantly asking myself two questions: WHY and HOW?

I had established my goals very clear right from the beginning and as time went by I discovered ways and wisdom to accomplish them. These were: to be strong, functional, be able to do muscle-ups and above all to be muscular. I also wanted to achieve all these by training with the basics only. Hence, I never performed nor trained for advanced skills and stunts on bars like ‘Street Workout’ athletes usually do.

You should decide what you want to accomplish and if building a raw shredded physique is what concerns you the most, then you can follow my principles of training because this was my ultimate goal as well. I have been there and done that!

As a beginner, I suffered a lot of injuries and disappointments because I always had time-frames for when I wanted to accomplish my goals. My body had its own pace though, and despite how bad I wanted it to do muscle-ups (for instance) it never happened within the time-frame of my desire. I eventually managed to get the muscle-up, but it happened way later than I thought it would.

And so I want you to never get discouraged or frustrated because there is nothing that time will not solve for you if patience and persistence are the elements that define you!

I wanted to share this message with you and also offer my support to all the beginners of calisthenics with the same fitness goals as I have.

I am here to support you and if necessary, anyone can reach me out by sending me an email or by writing to me on Instagram.

Beginner Program

Proof Read: Winner Nehra

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