overcoming depression

Do This if You’re Depressed

I bet you heard that action promotes youth and while a lot of downers will read psychology and personal development to feel better or improve themselves, I think I found
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Jump Squat Full Body Workout Routine

Benefits of Full Body Workouts

A full body workout routine is a combination of all the functional movements based on real-world situational biomechanics. Functional movements usually involve gross motor movement involving the core musculature, which
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hiking to become fit and performant

Get Fit with Hiking

Hiking is one of the best activities for becoming fit and to enhance overall performance. It is physically demanding if done under certain circumstances and it also releases stress. Hiking speeds
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Pullups for Muscle Gain
Muscle Building

Do More Pull-Ups for Muscle Gain

Pull-ups are the most powerful exercises for building upper body strength, big biceps, and a sculpted V-taper back. Besides this, they develop great functional strength,  which is why pull-ups are
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basics of nutrition

Learn the Basics of Nutrition

The first step you need to take is learning how foods are classified based on their nutritional composition. All the foods we buy or grow can be categorized as macronutrients or micronutrients. These nutrients are
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zach mcgowan workout in blacksails as captain charles vain
Celebrity Workouts

The Zach McGowan Workout for Black Sails

I had recently watched a fantastic TV Series about the Golden Age of Piracy, named Black Sails. The screen illustrates the legendary pirates of New Providence Island following their lifestyle and actions
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