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How Building an Alpha Male Look Can Improve Life

By January 10, 2019 No Comments
alpha male Hollywood physique

I have to be honest with you and state that fitness literally improved my life in ways I couldn’t even think possible, and I believe that regardless of how much we think that fitness is about being strong or aesthetic only, we are wrong because there is a lot more to benefit from it. However, it’s true that having an alpha male look helps greatly in a variety of situations.

For me, fitness was the turning point in life because I crafted a lot of new skills, aptitudes and I evolved to become a better version of myself.

The Alpha Male Look

People have the tendency to interact better with those of a bigger appearance, physically strong or good looking guys. Looking better creates an alpha male aura, and for this reason, people engage in discussions with more seriousness and give greater respect to the person they are talking to.

Although being an alpha male is actually more to do with frequencies, temper, breathing, and attitude; almost everybody thinks that alpha is related to how big, loud and aggressive one really is. This is why if you want better interactions with your fellow people, it helps if you improve the way you look. This approach takes into consideration the fact that you already possess the alpha male characteristics. Personally, I did develop a good looking physique and this is why I state all these facts.

However, it is not just about creating that good first impression. Fitness made me a better person, for myself and for the ones in my proximity. Calisthenics taught me how to control things like temper, anger, but most importantly my breathing. Training helped me sleep better and it even offered me some level of comfort when times got tougher.

Because I strengthened my body, I also strengthened my reactions. I’ve become more emotionally intelligent and for this reason, I improved my self-confidence and self-esteem a lot. For the first time, I started to feel mentally strong too and not just physically powerful.

Therefore, I started to understand that, in life, many of the bad things that happen can’t be controlled too much. Believing that I am strong emotionally, I learned to let go and put my trust in myself believing that I can handle and adapt to any unforeseen circumstance. This has taught me how improve my attitude and my approach to the daily struggle.

What really happened in reality you might ask? I stopped overreacting because of my self-confidence. One thing leads to another, but it all started and continued with physical training or sport.

alpha male physique

Building Values

I can recall many occasions when people just got very interested in what I know about calisthenics or nutrition. They approached me with high curiosity everywhere, from clubs to weddings or any other place.

They were curious why I train outdoors when it’s raining or when temperatures get extreme. They wanted to know about how and why I built my own backyard gym. They were also interested in finding out how it is possible to build size only with basic bodyweight training. Once I started Old School Calisthenic, even more people started asking me questions. This time though, they have done so online. Therefore, one could say that I’ve become a bit of an influencer.

It all made sense because I knew that through my fitness results and because I wasn’t doing something fancy or mainstream, I got more valuable to them. I possessed information they needed. I had results that seemed achievable and they resonated with me.

To serve people better, I improved my English and sharpened my social and communication skills. I became more responsible for what I was saying to them.

People are attracted to other people who progress. They want to surround themselves with winners and good fortune. As long as I keep winning or progressing, then everything that comes will have to be positive for me. All these accomplishments would not have been possible without those fitness achievements. It might sound superficial when I say to go out there and build a greater physique, but it will change the quality of your life.

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Getting Women Attention

Believe it or not, but you don’t have to be rich, own a great car and have an awesome house to stir curiosity among women.

Building up an alpha male look among with the character attributes I talked about, are more than enough to date girls and make them want to be with you. For me, it simplified everything.

When I was working so hard on myself, I wasn’t able to date anyone for more than 2 years, because this was approximately how much I needed to attain a new me. Once I’ve achieved this, everything fell into the right place.

Getting Inspiration

I made a career out of calisthenics. It is the first time that I feel very good about something and this is why I continued as a content creator.

I got all of my inspiration through working out and while jogging through forest trails. Almost every running session or workout I had, cleared my mind of stress and then filled it up again with new great ideas or motivation to keep working and progressing. This is why I think that action promotes youth and will power!

You want to feel young and energized? Then you have to move your body. You also have to put your mind to work. Don’t relax too much, set goals and go achieve them.

Maybe you have a business to run or you are in a quest for new ideas. Or maybe you just want to clear your thoughts of troubles. Trust me that sports will help you do so.

There Is More!

Through outdoor calisthenics I now feel more functional, stronger and I feel like it is easier for me to adapt to any climate.

The extra mass I gained protects me from physical damages, cold and other illness. Because I train, I have to consume more food and of a higher quality. Therefore, I have healthy skin, bones and organs.

The immune system is strong and the cardiovascular system works efficiently. I have no high blood pressure nor experiment any pains of any kind if I get the proper recovery too.

I improved my posture because I strengthened up my muscles. Women especially observe this very fast.

There are plenty of other benefits and I bet you relate with me. And if not, then start training and you’ll see for yourself. Enjoy!