Adorian Moldovan

Adorian Moldovan

Founder - Old School Calisthenic Romania

I am a former swimmer and had an athletic body until high school. After this, I dropped sports altogether except occasionally playing football. As a result, I got fat and out of shape. So I started running and gym. But after a while, I got fed up with the smell, atmosphere of the gym and negative egocentric people it was full of. So I quit the gym and decided to train in the park. One day a friend saw me doing some bodyweight exercises and he asked me if I was training for calisthenics. I didn’t know what calisthenics meant and had to ask him. I came home and researched on YouTube about it. I came across Frank Medrano and I was stunned by the stuff I saw him doing. Next day I got back in the park and tried to emulate him and realized the difficulty of his simple looking moves. I found some books on calisthenics and came across Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade. His advice changed my views about calisthenics. Since then (2015), I've been training like a freak and let it be sun, rain or snow you will find me working hard outside. After all these years I have developed quite a physique and can do all those moves seen on YouTube which were impossible back then. I owe calisthenics so much and I want to spread about it as much as I can. This is how Old School Calisthenic got created.


  • Help people get stronger and do better in other sports too
  • Deliver as much useful information as possible through my articles and videos
  • Making videos with workouts, training principles
  • Motivate and inspire people to start bodyweight fitness
  • Help athletes surpass fitness plateaus

Who Is Old School Calisthenic?

The whole movement was created by me, Adorian Moldovan. OSC represents a community of athletes willing to master the most basic bodyweight fitness, with the purpose of enhancing aesthetics, performance, and strength.

Why Old School Calisthenic?

It is an old time-honored training system which leads to mastery of the human body through bodyweight training. Old School Calisthenics revolves around progressive bodyweight exercises which maximize the inherent strength and muscular abilities of an individual.

My training principles are simple and effective. Every person is suited regardless of the fitness level and age.

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