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I am a former swimmer and had an athletic body till high school. After this, I dropped sports altogether except occasionally playing football. As a result, I got fat and out of shape. So I started running and gym. But after a while, I got fed up with the smell, atmosphere of the gym and negative egocentric people it was full of. So I quit the gym and decided to train in the park. One day a friend saw me doing some bodyweight exercises and he asked me if I was training for calisthenics. I didn’t know what calisthenics meant and had to ask him. I came home and researched on YouTube about it. I came across Frank Medrano and I was stunned by the stuff I saw him doing. Next day I got back in the park and tried to emulate him and realized the difficulty of his simple looking moves. I found some books on calisthenics and came across Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade. His advice changed my views about calisthenics. For a year I struggled until I met Alex. He is a hell of an athlete better than me. Since then (2015), we have been training together like freaks and let it be sun, rain or snow you will find us working hard outside. After all these years I have developed an impressive physique and can do all those moves seen on YouTube which were impossible back then. I owe calisthenics so much and I can’t imagine a life without it.



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When I was growing up I used to run away from difficult situations and never wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I was skinny fat and was hopelessly addicted to computer games. My life turned around when a friend showed me a video of Hannibal for King on YouTube. I was very impressed and started doing calisthenics after it. At first, it was a very difficult period for me as I couldn’t do a single pushup, and everyone made fun of me. People used to say that calisthenics are a waste of time and I should go lift weights in the gym.
Even my parents didn’t believe in me. I always had a fighter’s spirit in me I didn’t give up. Eventually, I became successful in my endeavors. For me calisthenics is life. I can’t imagine a life without calisthenics now. Whenever I feel sad, angry or upset I always do workouts and I feel better. I learned that if you really want to accomplish something then you can do it. No one is going to help you, you have to help yourself. I never compare myself with others and for me calisthenics is a lifelong journey.



Athlete and Member

My passion for calisthenics started when I was 12 years old and my father installed a pull up bar at our house in my hometown. I trained occasionally during my teenage years and the passion grew further. I experimented with other sports such as tennis, football but fitness-wise old school calisthenics is the way for me. When I saw Hannibal for king’s videos on You-tube, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that someone could look like that training only with his body. When I met Adorian and Alex they instantly became my inspiration regarding physical performance and the way I wanted to look. So I decided to apply their principles of training and see what my results were like. I was convinced that the old school calisthenics method works after one year of consistent and very intense workouts. Now my mission is to develop this awesome community and be consistently in a very good shape and as healthy as I can.


  • help other people become the best version of themselves through the training philosophies of Old School Calisthenics.
  • promote this beautiful sport and revive it again to its fullest succes.
  • write credible and useful articles for people to get informed about fitness, calisthenics, psychology and nutrition.
  • deliver FREE training and council support via PDF Programs
  • motivate people worldwide to keep on going
  • help athletes surpass plateaus
  • inspiring through photos and motivational videos

Calisthenics is best described as an art form utilizing your bodyweight for training. The beauty of calisthenics lies in the fact that you need not rely on external sources to train your body, your body itself becomes your gym. It is in essence bodyweight training.

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Calisthenics is best described as an art form utilizing your bodyweight for training. The beauty of calisthenics lies in the fact that you need not rely on external sources to train your body, your body itself becomes your gym. It is in essence bodyweight training.
The word CALISTHENICS comes from Greek words kalos meaning beautiful and sthenos meaning strength. It is an art of using one’s own bodyweight and inertia as a means to develop one’s physique.
Calisthenics not only help you master your own bodyweight but it also helps you pack slabs of lean muscles on you. Plus, you don’t have to worry about muscle imbalances and aesthetics as calisthenics naturally maximizes your body’s natural potential and transforms couch potato bodies into Greek God physique.


It is an old time honored training system which leads to mastery of human body through bodyweight training. For centuries men used to train with calisthenics to become the best version of themselves. We are all familiar with jaw-dropping physiques of Roman Gladiators, Greeks and Spartans. Old School Calisthenics revolves around progressive bodyweight exercises which maximize the inherent strength and muscular abilities of an individual.


Our website is a platform dedicated towards the revival of old school training methods which had been overshadowed by modern approaches like bodybuilding in gyms and street workout.
We create training programs, YouTube videos, e-books to spread the message of old school calisthenics.
We coach individuals willing to train like our ancestor in order to maximize their potential, and help them forge granite physiques that look as better as they perform.


The found and CEO is Adorian Moldovan. He is also the one operating this website with help of creating content from Alex and Horea.

We are based in Romania (Europe), city of Baia Mare. Meet us on the Play Ground!

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