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June 2017

Not Getting Results with Calisthenics?

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Right now, anyone who wants to change his/her physical appearance through calisthenics can find solid information about it online. It is not a secret anymore. You just google “how to lose fat”, “how to get results with calisthenics” or “how to build muscle with calisthenics” and you find the steps you need to take.

But still, the majority of people don’t get the results they want. You may be in this situation or you may know somebody who is. Also, many individuals start a training routine for a couple of months and then they quit. Or, they stick to a diet for a short period of time, lose some body fat and then they gain it all back quickly.

So the question pops up: Why? Why these people don’t go all the way to achieve the physique they wanted to achieve? What stopped them? It’s not because of lack of information or lack of time. It’s not even lack of motivation. You may say it’s the lack of discipline, effort and so on. But what is the source of all this apparent causes for failure?

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Throwback To Our First Calisthenics Seminar – Romania 2016

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Hello Everyone!

I want to share some pictures from our first Calisthenics Seminar organized back in July 2016 in  our hometown Baia Mare (Romania).

A few dozen calisthenics enthusiasts had gathered with us to receive guidance and inspiration for proper techniques, our training philosophies and other stuff for a lifelong fitness journey! We performed strength feats at the end along with a Question and Answer Session as well.

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Intermittent Fasting: Why I chose it and My Results

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Hello Old School Calisthenic family! I’m Horea Gentea and with this article I want to reveal some of my own experiences with Intermittent Fasting.

Back in 2015, I began to study about training protocols and nutrition in order to further my knowledge about the human body and muscular development when I stumbled across Intermittent Fasting, a nutrition protocol where you eat your meals within a 6-8 hour window (or even less) during the day.

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