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August 2016

Interview with the fit man over 40, WILL de LEON

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Hey friends,

I first came across Will de Leon several months ago in the Convict Conditioning community. On that Facebook group I started to post my philosophy about training and calisthenics. Will replied to me with a lot of enthusiasm and details. I observed immediately that we have some things in common such as training style, vision about calisthenics and of course the sport itself.

After a few months, when I finally launched my blog I proposed to him a written interview and he accepted. So, thanks to Will for accepting my request. I truly believe this article will motivate a lot of youngsters to start training and to stay dedicated to this path for their entire life.

Will de Leon

“I push hard all the time because it is the only way to break through plateaus as I have learned through experience” Will de Leon.

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How to train using Convict Conditioning?

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Hey convicts,

I’m a big fan of the Convict Conditioning books and I’ve been training based on their system for sufficient time to realize how to maximize my results. Convict Conditioning book’s purpose is to increase maximal strength utilizing 6 progressive calisthenics exercises broken into 10 steps of increasing difficulty. The training system starts with the easiest possible step (exercises like wall pushups) and progressively moves further to the hardest step, like the almighty one arm pullup.

Everybody knows that the training methods used in the Convict Conditioning books are meant to work the nervous system for strength gains rather than the muscular system for aesthetics. But from my experience I realized something else, and the truth is that the books teach us how to attain a brutally strong body as well as how to gain solid muscles – like the Greek Statues illustrate. The fact is that many of you have so little results with either, but the good part is that you have in your hands one of the most powerful tools to start to forge your body into something like the books want you to become. You only need to understand how to utilize them properly. And fear not! I will help you understand how to do it.

convict conditioning results


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