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This is the end of my first week on the free programme from Old School Calisthenic, and even others have noticed small changes in my physique. Old muscle has started to wake up and get working 😀 I love this training, and I have already been asked by at least three other guys at work about what i have been doing.

Simon Blackwell

Finally a free and awesome program for cc 🙂 gonna start this today 🙂
Thanks for sharing it!

Henrik Spjut

Damn man, I love it!!!
For the last few months, I was looking for a new program that won't be too far from CC, to do starting from the summer and damn - my search is over!!!

Yan Chudnovsky

Yep, I am loving the look of the pdf! Looking forward to starting it! I get 6 weeks off work in the summer so I know what I will be doing! Thanks!

Rick Shepley


Our website is a platform dedicated towards the revival of old school training methods which had been overshadowed by modern approaches like bodybuilding in gyms and street workout.

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“I was weak and skinny. Nobody could believe that calisthenics can make me powerful, muscular and athletic at the same time. After a few years, I have forged an impressively strong and aesthetic physique without supplements or steroids. It can be done! You can do it too!”

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Not Getting Results with Calisthenics?

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Throwback To Our First Calisthenics Seminar – Romania 2016

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